Friday, April 07, 2006

Update on Philippine Everest Team

Got text messages from Art and Regie today. The two are in Kathmandu with the rest of the team. Basically, here's what their texts said, as e-mailed to me by Iris of Stratworks.

Team - As we speak, the team is all set to meet Leo, Pastor and the support team at Namche Bazaar. Regie, Carina, Larry, Levi and Noelle arrived in Kathmandu last night, about quarter to seven. The Filipino community hosted a dinner for them last night as well. Art has caught up with them and they will leave for Lukla tomorrow. The team is in high spirits and are all excited. Art said Leo and Pastor have become as strong as their sherpas. Regie, meanwhile, said Leo and Pastor have become quite popular in Namche and are really fit.

Everest weather/base camp
- Several expeditions are moving to base camp today but crossing of Khumbu icefall from base camp may be delayed because of unsettled snow and ice blocks due to delayed winter. This means that all movement beyond base camp may be delayed.

Nepal situation - Curfew was extended until 10am today. There is a general strike from today until the 8th. All establishments and transportation means are closed with government banning public assembly. Nepal government likewise warned that outgoing contact by phone will stop if situation worsens. Although it was announced that tourists will not be harmed, the team is keeping off the streets. The team has no access to Internet.